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looking for a family and real love
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joey3626 Male 34 Gay Relationship
hi my name is joey and im just trying to see if there is still hope for me in finding unconditional, real and genuine love. i live with my mom and dad and they are very supportive about who and what i am. they're very open minded to same sex relationship which is very cool. i also have a brother who is married already. anyway, my hobbies are singing and dancing. i also love to cook. im the one who cooks at home sometimes so i pretty much know a lot of recipe. what am i looking for? i know this may not be the right place to find real love but hey, who knows? theres no harm in trying. im looking for a partner in life. someone family oriented. who knows how to love and care. someone who can love me and i can love back. someone who is ready for commitment. someone who doesnt play games and is serious. someone who wants to have a happy life with someone you can always count on and call your partner in life. dont worry my parents are cool with it. no specific age or race. what matters is you have a good heart and soul. well, if you think you wanna know me i have viber, skype and whatsapp. i hope to hear from someone out there. take care.
Manila Philippines

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