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johnblake Male 59 Gay Muscle Boy
Hi Guys. I just noticed that this ad sounds too much like...well, an ad. lol. But please take it in the spirit intended! First of all, since I'm not a premium member, I can only send one message a day; SO SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I'm a laid back, easy-going person who is looking for more than just a quick shag. *I don't do hookups* But I'm more than willing to have a good time (not necessarily sexual in nature.....take me on an adventure!) in search of my Prince Charming. I'm willing to kiss a few frogs; I'm even willing to just have a GOOD TIME once we know each other. Still, if you could describe me in one sentence, it would be: 'One of the good guys in white hats'. I'm fun to be with, romantic, loving and MASCULINE. You can see the physical basics in the pic, and it's *fairly* recent. I love to cuddle and snuggle before, during and after. And kissing is a MAJOR turn-on for me. Younger guys in search of a big brother/dad type have found their man. Look no further. I also like guys my age who have that boyish look. But others may apply for the position!I DO prefer guys my age and younger. ;-) Just please be in shape, mature and MASCULINE. If I'd wanted a girl, I've been there. I'm an all-around nice guy (really!!) I'm a romantic realist...a pragmatic idealist...a punctual procrastinator: the sweetest SOB you'll ever meet. I'm the best of all possible contradictions ;-) I`m kind-hearted, good-natured, optimistic. Allergic to drama in all forms. I`m a guy who knows what I want and goes after it. If 'it' happens to be you, then we could both be in luck! I`m a musician (don`t be frightened) who is stable (that`s NOT an oxymoron) and well-grounded. My background/education is English Literature and History. I intended to go into law, but thank goodness music took over my life! I`m one of the good guys in the white hat, but I don`t want to ride into the sunset alone. I love old movies, music in general (I don`t consider RAP to be music; call it urban nihilistic, misogynist poetry, maybe???) and beautiful sunrises, sunsets and clear blue skies. As for what I'm looking for, well....that could be anything from a friend to a lover. And it would depend on chemistry. Are you a creative type who is still in touch with his masculine side? I like shy guys, even men a little on the quiet side. But you should still be masculine, self-assured and capable of holding your own in a relationship with a strong personality (that would be me). Athletic would be a definite plus. I`m attracted to 'cute' rather than perfect 10`s, and to 'boyish', regardless of your age. Then again, a butch, macho hunk-of-beef would be considered! Be in decent shape, intelligent and in search of more than most people are blessed to find together. 'MALE BONDING' ISN'T A DIRTY WORD!
Nashville-Davidson (remainder) Tennessee

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