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Looking for the one willing to exchange his heart for mine
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jwpinkston Male 57 Gay Asian Boy
Short and to the point: I’m looking for my boy. My ultimate goal is to find a life-long partner, who will love me as much as I will love him. However, you don’t tend to find that one perfect jewel by sitting at home waiting for him to fall into your lap. Likewise, a one night slap-n-tickle is not likely to test the chemistry between two people, either. So if there is any spark of interest at all, then let’s meet and talk. If anything develops (be it friendship or affection), then it develops; if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. One more thing – If you are looking for a sugar-daddy or for some financial compensation, then you are barking up the wrong tree here. Not that I’m opposed to it . . . I just can’t afford it! :)
Sherwood Arkansas

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