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kalan Male 26 Gay Fuck Buddy
1st. off I'm a bottom Hehe, umm I love the outdoors alot. Hiking, animals ^ ^ etc. I run track and sing in an advanced choir at my school. I'm also shy at 1st. but it goes away fast if ur nice 2 me. So mesg. meh! I always answer. (And just to say-No I'm not flamming -__- I just have bitch on tap when necessary) ^ ^ I love movies! but don't watch tv really. 8p From another guy, I just want U and 4 u 2 be urself. I don't like fake. Lastely just to say, if you say your 'straight acting' or whatever.....your on a gay sight and your sounds so stupid..and it pretty much says we should all act straight cuz its better. If your here you are gay acting, cuz your gay. If you mean guys that are extra fem. just say that....damn. lol
Rancho Cucamonga California

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