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Artist in open relationship likes to know guys from all over the world.
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kauaiartist Male 76 Gay
I am an artist who works and lives in Hawaii. I am in an open relationshp for 19 years and always will be, but I love meeting and chatting with guys from all over the world. I have almost never been in the closet, but am sensitive to those who are. I find chatting and talking with guys to be one of the greatest joys life has to offer, especially if we are doing so naked. (Grin.) Well, I am, after all, a lifelong nudist. I am partial to younger guys between legal age and 25 for sexual action because they are so much fun to be around and seldom want to get tied down. Also, as an artist, I am dlighted with all that fine, hard musculature. I never know whether to kiss them or sketch them. Feel free to chat with me. I am not easily shocked.
Lihue Hawaii

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