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##I'm in Monrovia, Los Angeles## Slim and smooth asian and into masculine man over 45. Read on and you'll find something different, I assure you. But I know, most of you want THIS first: A few words for those who are merely looking for a hook-up (you're welcome :P). I'm slim, smooth (some hair on leg), a little bit sub, always practice safer sex, haven't done anything really kinky but open for those who respect my limit, 20% top 80% bottom, 6 inches, tight ass, executive type is a big turn-on, daddy/son role-play welcome, limited experience on 3-some or group but quite enjoyed it, popper helps but far from being a must. My turn-ons are muscular/trim body, masculine, race doesn't matter. OK, back to what I think more important, whatever it means. I was a teacher, on autism. After 4 yrs in school, one day I looked at another teacher sitting next to me. He was around 50 and handsome. He was my best friend in school and we had a lot in common. (No, it's no a cliche gay love story. Nothing happened except I came out to him after I quitted my job.) I suddenly realized that I might have to work for another 20 yrs to get what he got: a car, a home (precisely a mortage), a marriage (thanks god I'm gay and won't have kids like him), etc. Then I'll wait for my retirement and pension. I heard my inner self crying: I don't want to spend my life like him. The world is so big and I need to experience more. I don't want to be stuck in this tiny place (Hong Kong is very small) and sell my life to my salary, lose all but the last bit of physical strength for walking to my coffin. Then I started planning a trip, a long one. I saved hard for 2 yrs, paid back the loan I got from studying, compressed my 'home' to a 45L backpack, and then I said goodbye to my home-country. My first stop is Taiwan and I have been spending most of the time here, doing/learning conjuring, learning the limitation of being free. Being free means one has to take the responsibility for whatever s/he chooses, without anyone to blame on. To stay? To leave? How to spend a day? What to pursuit? I thought my limited fund was only enough for a 2-3 yrs trip (backpacker's style in so-called 'developing' countries). Thanks god after 2.5 yrs I'm still surviving and hopefully can enjoy another 1-2 yrs. So far I have visited/lived in Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Sweden and Eastern Europe (from Estonia all the way south to Turkey and Greece). In my Eastern Europe trip I stayed in people's home by joining an international travellers network. I learned a lot from them, had chance to know local culture and in exchange sharing my thoughts on Hongkong/Chinese culture and also about travelling. Most of them were very nice people except an older gay host (sigh). I'm in L.A. will take a 3-months course here, may make some trips to other parts of the states. Please have a face-pic, you've mine. Thanks for reading. Good luck all you guys.
Tainan Taiwan
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