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Late at night I think what do I want? Good companionship, a nice job, great sex, someone I enjoy being with and enjoys being with me. I love to discuss what went on in my life that day when I get home, Hear about how his day was, make fun of each others predicaments. Maybe watch a little TV or listen to some music or go out to eat, say Mexican or Thai, Sushi when we splurging. Staying home and cooking a meal is nice also as long as he does the dishes. I need a little disorder to my order, a little light to my dark, a little samba to my bluegrass, just a contradicting motion to stir the potion. Lay it all out to dry and see what it morphs into. Just old fashion, quite a bit boring, the guy next door who is very nice but lonely and lost at the moment. I know what I want just not how to get it. Looking for answers to live the rest of my life by but need a little spice to flavor this concoction but not salt it down. A pinch of thyme would be good, never enough time. Maybe it will be better warmed the next day or it could just be a thicken version of the day before. Just a little something to brighten it up, a warm smile, a twinkle in his eye, a contrary remark to elicit a retort, nothing special just wonderfully simplistic. Simplicity is always better; complexity distorts and tears at the fabric that binds us together like tiny razor-sharp teeth nipping at our soul tearing it out in little tidbits, making us less of what we want to be or used to be. All I strive for these days are some good friends
Staunton Virginia

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