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Aggressive Muscleboy Wrestler looking for Dom Roided Muscledad
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kingsol Male 48 Gay Muscle Dad
Black 5ft11 210lb of muscleboy beef 42c, 30w, 18a, 26q, 8.5 x 6 c think, versatile. Really into big muscled / bodybuilder / ROIDED-out MUSCLEDADS who are into roleplay, domination scenes, WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING (major fetish) - watching it, doing it, oil, tag team, 2on1 (favorite), 2 muscledads taking on their bodybuilder musclejobber boy. Love a lot of physical contact - Ab/musclegut punishment, roidgut pins, breath control, cbt, roughousing, porn. Also romantic but aggressive types sought. Not a full member, so leave your email address or number.
Toronto Ontario

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