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Oriental prefers older gent
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kitt20 Male 44 Gay Dating
If you like to get to know one another a face pic would be required. Well spoken straight acting smooth guy, intelligent with a mature outlook and well traveled. Enjoys a few drinks and dinner not into the club scene now. Still loves to dance but slowed down a lot compared with my teens days haha. I did my degree at the London College of Fashion and have an affinity for most things fashion related besides clothing - I enjoy interior design, art, photography, flora as in gardens and flowers. Visual mostly I think. On the flip side I also have a logical background, IT related education too, which means I'm also can be a bit geek, gadgets etc (still fashion I suppose). I love a good bash on video games with my friends from time to time (the cheeky child in me) I use to fence (swords not goods) at college, county standard badminton player and did quite a bit of Aikido. I have to admit the physical side has dipped a bit but will get back to it later. I'm a clean freak! hahaha and speak my mind (politely of course) Seeking professional gent, intelligent, joyful and can hold a conversation over dinner and can have a laugh. I like hairy guys but a lovely smile and great manners goes a long way lol. Someone who can enjoy a good movie but like some type of activities, hey if not that's fine too, good walk around a garden centre counts lol.
Telford United Kingdom

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