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Super Hyper Blue eyed blonde boy
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lazersgopewpew Male 29 Gay Silver Daddy
Heya :) I'm Riley COME SAY HEY! I never know what to write in these boxes and they always make the box really really HUGE!!! Ahh!! Cheeky, super hyper, super sub boy. I have ADHD so I'm alwaysss super super super hyper like an actual Puppy haha. By day sixth form catholic schoolboy at boarding school. By night dirty minded boy Haha Been living back in England for about 3 years now. DUAL PASSPORT! BAD PASSPORT PHOTO. CUDDLE MONSTER!!! LITTLE SPOON 4 LYF I love burritos and will eat them for every meal if given the chance. A good burrito should be the size of a newborn baby! I play football loads. I'm training in circus Aerial flying trapeze. It's what I wanna do for a job when I leave school! Or I wanna be a scriptwriter! I love getting drunk on a Saturday night and having life chats with the bouncer telling him how were now best friends and I love him. Haha. I love Star Wars, theatre, film, football. I swear everyone I know is now in long-terms and then there's just me with my Oreo like Hey Bae you good? and it says never says anything back because Oreos can't speak. Not got a type set in stone but I guess I like older dominant men who can control me!
London United Kingdom

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