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Looking for real men for uncomplicated encounters.
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lion09 Male 43 Gay Relationship
Looking for real men for uncomplicated encounters. SAFE SEX is a MUST and not negotiable. Reach for that condom! Don't take risks with people's health. I don`t have a set type or a long list of do`s and dont`s, but tend toward fit stocky masc guys of all ages. (FACE PICS A MUST). I try to respond to everyone and appreciate all the compliments, but please know that I am rather selective about hooking up. I need to feel it's a good match for both of us. Mostly interested into a MATURE and SENSIBLE guy. Weakness : bald / crew cut guy with beard or 3 days facial hair. In an ideal world, a relationship would be great but, I AM a realist and sure not prepared to 'sit on the shelf' whilst waiting for 'Mr Right' to come along! Life's too short so why not ENJOY EACH MOMENT!
jakarta Indonesia

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