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Hello, I am getting to know a wonderful man from Texas and so far it is all looking good and also looking like we fit each other like a glove. I try to be open minded, try. I live in both Perth and Wyalkatchem, the sunset is taken in my back yard at Wyalkatchem (While-catch-um). I do not like the term 'straight Acting' as a lot of Straights I know are not worth acting like so how about I go with natural or masculine. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, however I now work in the Disability field and love it, I also work part time on a farm in the bush nine thousand acres of wheat and sheep. I have family values and I am not on any gay scene even though I am open and out to all, I do not like crowds, smoke or noisy places and I have difficulty with men who aren't really acting like men, a butch costume does not make you a man or masculine, I am an animal lover; I love nature, life and everything in it and still wonder at a sunset or a Spider as she spins her web. Being an animal lover I do not eat meat. I am romantic, loving, honest, and decent and I would hope considerate. Believe it or not, but my glass is half full how’s yours? Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Terry
Perth Australia

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