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We're, pretty obviously, a couple! David [the dark haired one in the photos] is 59, and Edward [who has the distinguihed silver] 44. We`ve been together very happily for more than 17 years, and have a pretty good social life,although we`re beginning to realise that most of our friends are straight or lesbians so we want to widen our social circle .. [and maybe [OK probably!] more if the right people appear ]. We`re very easy-going and laid-back, humourous, generally non scene, well educated, wide cultural/arty interests, house in france, enjoy cooking, drinking, gardening... & of course,travelling [had a few weeks in Sri Lanka earlier this year,as well as several months in France] In the past few years we've also had long breaks in been to Malaysia, Jordan Thailand NZ &Oz. Bisy planning the next big trip which will prob be to Laos/Cambodia and maybe Yunnan and after that who knows....maybe Peru? Libya? Syria? Canada?, NZ again? Edward is a teacher, & David has a Ph.D in history and should be writing a book and lecture series rather than this profile. We're not exactly angels but also not very experienced at this sort of if you`d like to meet up for an absolutely no strings chat/ drink/ meal/ whatever then get in touch...we're happy to meet up and if something happens thats great & if doesn't that can be great too!!! why not leave us a message or email us and we can take it from there.... Incidentally despite what it says earlier in the profile about only seeking fuck buddies we only put that because we couldn't put a range of things and weren't allowed to leave the question blank!
London United Kingdom

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