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Masculine rough bouncer lookin for fit young lad to pick me up from work and make all the straight bouncers i work with hard
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londondoorman Male 53 Gay Muscle Boy
Rough bloke lookin for some pasion and romance. I'm into youger masculine lads that want a bloke who reminds them of their mates dads horny mates. Im a northerner and noone ever thinks i'm gay, unless I got a beautiful man with me. Of course, I gotta camp side. (when i mince or try and talk camp the whole room stops laughing. Not funny.) but theres a few films and songs that I might admit to you one day that i like., Then I love holdin hands everywhere, and nooone has ever made any nasty comments before. ANd if they did, just stand behind me and let me deal with it. Hard on the outside and a bit of a tit on the inside. If we're alone watchin a birds film, you can often see me pretendin to look out of the window while my shoulders are shakin and theres something in my eye, Wanna sexy younger lad, fit and slim, smooth, dont have to be too handsome, just not twink. I'mm very affectionate despite the way I look, and I'm funny and love a good time. Everyone's mum loves me and my mum would love to see me happy. , , your old man can take me to the pub for a pint with his mates and know that his son's man is still a manly bloke any father would ne proud of. Mine was. I want you to pick me up from work in front of all the straight bouncers i work with and feel them watchin us as we walk off holdin hands and proud as fuck. (My fuckin lads would probably sevretly get turned on!) This is all new for me. I split up with a lovely bf few months ago, and been lookin at what I want. This is def it. I never believed in manogomy before now, and thats because Im bored shitless with clubs and bars and shit worthless sex. Took me a while to get to this point, and if youre the fuckin lovley lad i can see in my head i doubt that you;d be at the same place no matter how level headed you are. That wouoldnt be a problem either. Id fuckin love to stay home, watch shit tv and then come and pick u and yr mates up and take em where they wanna go. Then get you home to bed. The best bit..Even if you got laird out, thatd drive me nuts because some lucky bastard was gettin a taste of what I got Ok so Im a bit of a show off. Im confidentt enough to know that if im rigfht for someone, the only way I will know it for sure is to let you fuck off out with yr mates whenever u wantr, see whats out there and that way you'll know Im right for me, and I'll know Im right for you, when u come home and perch on my tree instead of anyryone elses. Its good to shop around.... u wont know whats the best if you dont know whats the worst. t re read this and its just about what i wanna say, but never thought id be sayin it. Gotta say Ive had a few, and Im not normally this mushy, or open to someone I dont even fuckin know. But fuck it. LEts see how it goes. All I cam do is write what I think . If i was a fuckin sexy litlle bloke who rated himself and wanted an older bloke that can look after him, make him feel safe and watch the surprise on your dads face as this fuckjin bruiser walks into the pub to meet him, kisses you then shakes your old mans hand rough and hard. Ole romantic eh/ The best times witht this fuckin figment of my imagination that i accept might not even exist (although Ive seen it with mates and around) would be when we're on our own doin what ever we fuckin like ;)
london United Kingdom

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