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Looking for someone to teach me the ropes, discover new kinks and enjoy!
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lovegoodfun Male 37 Bisexual Fuck Buddy
just another regular guy looking to enjoy myself in the company of mature gentleman who enjoy having a good time, pleasuring one another and exploring new things! very shy, very apprehensive, if i do not respond i am not actively looking or i am not interested. i rarely initiate contact but if i do, odds are i'm very much interested in learning more about you in many various ways. i am open to unique or interesting scenarios, match ups, kinks, adventures and arrangements. enjoy a bit of enhancement occasionally and in my experience it has always opened up my exploration curiosity. my preferences vary extremely, i enjoy soft smooth slim younger or older gentlemen, not very much into bears or guys much larger than me but i've also swayed in my desires more than once.. so you never know! if you send me a message, please attach a picture if your profile does not contain one!
Winter Park Florida

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