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I like to experiment, I’m spontaneous
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loveisgood Male 37 Gay Relationship
I like to experiment, I’m spontaneous and enjoy life. What’s important to me is meet my soul mate, trying out new things, dancing the night away and having my own unique style. I like to go my own way, have fun and be successful at the same time. There isn't a predetermined path to my life,I recognize career opportunities and new trends.I’m a free thinker and liberal-minded. I enjoy my freedom and like to follow a self-aware lifestyle. I am pretty well informed and only make decisions after careful consideration. I’m a rational thinker, who enjoys a successful career and an appropriate standard of living. I like to work hard and enjoy a full social and cultural lifestyle. I’m down-to-earth and traditional.I appreciate values like responsibility and good manners. Shallowness and materialism Albert Nkrumah: do not impress me. I like to combine my determination for career success with personal security. Important to me are comfort, order, and simplicity. Narrow mindedness is alien to me, I feel most comfortable with like-minded people.You never know what the future might bring so 'live for today' is my preferred option. Please contact me if you feel and like to contact me everyone is invited to view my profile thanks for taking your time to read my profile
Gilford Park New Jersey

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