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In the process of moving to Indiana.
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machtranscobra Male 54 Gay Relationship
Hello, I tend to like younger guys then myself and thought this might be an avenue. 18 & over only. I am in the process of moving from Texas to Indiana. I am a former fire fighter/EMT/Hazmat Tech/911 dispatch center supervisor and former military. I have included this because it seemed worth mentioning. Since these activities, I have published small works, an international newsletter, and worked over years to continue my education. My current goals are to publish on a larger scale and teach. After law school, I moved home to help look after my mother. She had suffered a major heart attack and I wanted to do what I could to make her life easier. I have been doing this for between 2-3 years. She would like her space now and I'm very pleased to be pursuing a life again; having not so much as dated since before I moved home. I have high hopes for my new home in Indiana and the life I'll make for myself there. I have the benefit of extensive education and a home that is paid for, so the bulk of getting on track will soon come down to simply finding the right person, someone who will be just as happy with me as I hope to be. I am in Texas now, preparing for the second half of the move as of the end of October. I should be back in Indiana by no later then the middle of November. Thank you for looking, reading, and please let me know if I sound like I might be the one. I came across this site by accident but thought it might be worth trying. I saw a couple of guys that looked interesting near where I'm moving on this site but I'm open to the right person relocating to me, so if you are interested and want to talk, commute, maybe move, or talk and then consider a move, or whatever we decide, it first takes your letting me know you are interested... I've tried here and there to look for a potential mate but, find people don't write; only wink and such. Until I see how things are for me after my move, I am conserving my funds and not joining paid sites. I've considered it but, the expenses add up and the people I've joined in the past so I could contact did not have a mutual interest or were not checking their mail. So, I do appoligize for this potential inconvenience, but know that I am a guy who is serious about finding his mate. I hope that helps. I may relent, but as of today, the end of October, that is the way of it. My name means prosperous protector. I hope to be that to those who I care about and a generally a gentleman to all. I am not, however, looking to be the quote, sugar daddy, unquote. On the other side of the coin, I have no income requirements of any sort for the person I am with, or education or the like. I am looking for a person I mesh well with and who I can see a future with. I want mutual attraction, but the something more that allows a future to be built. I've had a relationship with someone who I rescued from a bad place and who I looked after. I never considered this as being a sugar daddy. I think he came from a humble background, so what I had to offer as a law student was sufficient. He had a falling out in the past with his family. I had helped to fix this problem and he moved in with them so he could continue to build on this. I wish him well and I'm thankful for the time we had. I have not been with him in a number of years. I had taken in a young man much as a son who I would still have here but he was picked up on a warrent for stealing a playstation 2 from a neighbor in the past and he went to boot camp and was on probation after his time doing this. Believe it or not, he was given 5 years probation and I had moved to look after my mom while he was in boot camp and no longer in the same city where his probation limited his living location. He and I were not having sex. I was just much like a big brother to him, helping him out. I appreciate this history as well. Though, I am looking now for a mate, someone to share my life with and with whom I will have a multifaceted relationship that does include sex. I see there is quite a variety on what people on this site are looking for but, mostly, sex is included so I don't expect this aspect to be much of a problem. Still, why not lay it on the table. I see no need to go into each aspect of what I expect because this would be, in part, dependent upon the desires and expectations of my potential partner. I had a friend who asked me to take someone he knew home to let him clean up. This person was polite and never did anything to cause me to question how safe my belongings were, no matter what people warned. He would visit from time to time and we became friends. He and I had little in common besides a mutual respect and kindness we shared to the other. We did not even talk a great deal. So, if someone as different to myself as this person might have worked as a potential mate (though we were but friends), then I am open to a great variety of who I might be with in the future. Thank you again for your time, for your interest. Best regards. Now, what of my interests? I have been a member of the Golden Dragons gaming club in the England. We played different role playing games and I even had the opportunity to play with someone who had played with Gary Gygax, a co-creator for the AD&D roleplaying system. I enjoyed this time and the friends I made and some of what I write falls in this Genre. When I was little, I would come home to Star Trek and I remain a fan. This genre shares much with the one above and I think promotes positive traits, values, and ideas. I point these interests out to show I have more then one side, that I have some depth. Naturally, I am unable to fully illuminate just what makes me who I am in this space and I feel certain most people would not want me to, besides. What turns me on? Well, no hard and fast rules. As soon as I might pen one down, I would come up with exceptions. So, general items that turn me on are younger or younger looking guys (adult age only). I have no patience for those who would abuse a child. There is much research that shows brain developement delays do not allow the underage to make choices as an adult, so I don't feel we should try children as adults for example and I don't beleive in adults having sex with the underage. I tend to like less body hair or, if necessary, shaved. I tend to like shorter hair. I can't say I have a preference for hair color or eye color, though I do think dark hair and light eyes look nice. I am not into facial hair in most cases. I like the punk look and skater look for sure, though I see others and think they are hot. These are, again, general things I like and there are huge areas of exceptions to rare exceptions, depending on the item. I tend to like small feet and shorter guys, generally, and don't care about the penis on the guy, so I am not turned off by a small penis. I am strictly a top, without exception to this one item, and realize this may turn some off; others on. I am who I am. I have learned to understand myself, mostly, and work with who I am and the faults and positive features in order to find some level of harmony. I prefer to be easygoing and think it makes for a longer life then being angry all the time or miserable because of this or that; which can either be worked at to change or can be accepted and worked around. I do love cars and have had many. I'm sure, with just this popping into my head and seeming relevant, I could continue to list this and that about myself. Still, I hope you'll agree, I've made a good start. If you are still reading and still interested, please contact me.
Anderson Indiana

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