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The Quiet Life
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I live a quiet life outside one of the greatest small towns in the country on a farm where I can take The Roo out either doors of the house buck naked and take have a wee under the stars. I still have my looks and thankfully all my hair though I could do with a few more hikes which there is plenty of here being we're in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so if you enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, guns, cows, horses, lots of horse,, lots and lots of horses, this Is horse country. Being also home of the Cavs there is lots of drinking with shine in the hollers and micros growing with the grapes. If I really need a fix DC is an hour away but Cville is one of the greatest music and restaurant towns there are. I'm not rich and this aint Manhattan, but if you want a quiet life where you'll be loved and secure and you love the outdoors there is a place for you because not only do I still have my hair, I still have my passion and still plenty adventurous and though it may be a workout for me to keep up with you on the trail, you better be able to keep up with me as I'm still a pup in heat and I aim to tie you to every tree. Oh, did I mention fun?, cause there's a bunch of that too so you need to be a little crazy,,,sexy and crazy. Just remember, the rule is, 'No Man is worth more then equal his worth. Meaning, you can be bat shit crazy but you better be Hella sexy.
Charlottesville Virginia

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