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Affectionate, Open Minded, Romantic Passionate Dad
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I am a laid back, open minded man southern gentleman who lives and works in Johnston County, NC (smithfield/selma area), south of Raleigh, down US 70 or I 40 and along I 95. I am a romantic, passionate, comfortable in my sensuality and sexuality, mature, discreet, feet planted on the ground, am bold at times, shy too, but outgoing. I enjoy music, movies, the outdoors, working in the yard, reading, photography, hitting golf balls, dancing, videos, bowling, fishing, going to the thrift shops, and flea markets, learning to do upholstery and getting my business Mr. Stitches off the ground. I dont smoke and wont drink and drive. My staff tell me that since I shaved my facial hair that I look to be in my late 40s to early 50s, am 6-4, 210, hairy, and s/p hair and br bedroom eyes. I enjoy meeting someone for the first time having coffee and conversation, or going to the movies and sharing a box of popcorn. I am a very affectionate man, enjoy cuddling, kissing, alot of body contact too, and like to explore many things with a man in my life as well. I am a capricorn, a spiritual kind of guy, too. I am not a jealous or possessive either, however, I can be discreet, but enjoy alot of passion too. If anyone is interested in NC, or someone elsewhere in the USA who might be interested first in friendship, talking on line, by phone and eventually visiting, would enjoy hearing from you. I am not into head games, do not do drugs, nor do I smoke or will I drink and drive, my last relationship ended in December, 1994, therefore, I dont have baggage either.
Smithfield North Carolina

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