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Looking for LTR with OLDER GUY.
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mawer Male 26 Gay Relationship
First and foremost, I AM NOT A MONEY BOY. I'm an everyday smooth Spanish-filipino bloke from Melbourne, Australia who loves traveling, eating, reading books, watching movies and intellectual conversations- specialy about cosmology or science (no preference at all but would be more happy once any of them pop out). I am well educated (philosophy background) and currently doing Master's degree here in Melbourne. While people (especially my friends) say that I am kind, generous, sincere and passionate, I would say that I am a dedicated, loving, caring and passionate about learning/self improvement. The reason why I am here in this website is to find someone who I am going to share my life and love with. I have many goals in life, which includes traveling, but I don't want to do them alone for I believe that there is nothing greater than being with someone you love who makes you happy and inspired everyday. I would say that I am mature both in heart and mind. Tha's one of the reasons whyI am attracted to older men (45 years and older). Playing with one's heart is not my business, since I am scared to feel the same thing. So, I am looking for someone who into a serious LTR with a young man like me. It's also okay if he is into Dad-Son LTR as I've been longing such fatherly love since I was a little boy. I love older men. I really do love them. I have decided this year (2019) that I will open my heart and life for this kind of relationship till my last breathe. This is what my heart is telling me and I will not stop listening to this. Whoever you are interested about me, I can assure you this: I am loving, caring and into monogamous relationship. If you like me and you feel that we have something or a lot of things in common, feel free to message and know more about me. Surely, I will reply. Who knows? We might be for each other.
Melbourne Australia

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