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Sexy daddy-bear into circumcision scenes!
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mc4bbs Male 54 Gay One Nighter
ARE YOU THINKING OF CONTACTING ME? IF SO, PLEASE READ MY PROFILE FIRST! I AM IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY. THIS INFORMATION WAS LAST UPDATED 19 OCT 2008. Please note: If you're reading my profile on a 'cruising site', please note that it should contain hyperlinks (web site links). If it does not, you can see my profile without censorship. First and foremost, the 'bbs' in my common nickname 'MC4BBS' does not mean for bare back sex -- it stands for 'Bulletin Board System', as in Multicom-4 Bulletin Board System, my pride and joy before the internet and A-O-L killed it in '99. It was my invention and used to be the world's largest free gay, lesbian and bisexual BBS. Okay then! On to my basics: I'm a leather biker bear. I prefer real men. I define a 'real man' as someone acts and behaves like a man. Think: bears, leathermen, bikers and the sort. If you want to hang, I expect you to be masculine! If you still need definition of what a 'real man' is, you probably shouldn't bother reading any further -- seriously. Still there? Cool! My NBCS is B5 dc e f g k m q-- r s I am in the process of moving from Boston, MA to New York City. I expect to be moved by 1 March 2009. I had moved from New York to Boston in 2003, but found the city of Boston to be unacceptable for what I was looking for (see this blog entry for details). I have also lived in Ottawa and Toronto. I travel a lot, a hell of a lot. See my upcoming travel schedule -- maybe I'm coming your way! I enjoy travelling, motorbiking, skydiving, music, good friends, movies, group/club activities, hiking, camping, concerts, going to the pub and more! I'm just your all around nice guy! I like to be nude whenever I can be. I am the founder of The Boston Bears (the largest bear club in the northeast United States), a former officer of the Rochester Rams, a deputy for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, an associate member of Empire City Motorcycle Club (New York City) and the Utica Tri's (founded in 1986 by Rochester Rams' Associate Members). Congratulations... you made it this far without giving in to nudging, winking or doing something else annoying on a 'crusing website!' -- I think I already like you! Now on to the sexy part: Read more.
New York New York

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