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I'm a furry otter type, 180#,
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meteor Male 49 Gay Dating
I'm a furry otter type, moderately hairy, blue eyes, very creative, friendly, open, playful, submissive and kinky. I'm interested in dating, intimate friendship or a more serious relationship with a Daddy. Though I can be a bit shy, I am emotionally available and sincere, yet have a playful and goofy side as well. I am an artist; I show my work locally, but also in other cities. I also compose music and work as a teacher. I moved to the Bay Area from Seattle about four years ago to pursue a Master's of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and now I'm throwing myself completely into my artwork. As challenging as it can be, i absolutely love it. I'm fortunate enough to be represented by galleries in San Franciscio and LA. Aside of my passion for art and music, I love to travel. I support myself by being a teacher, which is also something I really enjoy. I am submissive by nature and am drawn to relationships with a Daddy/boy dynamic. I'd like to take my place as a boy at a Daddy's side, ready to serve, submit, please and offer and receive affection. There is nothing like the reward of being wrapped up in Daddy's strong warm arms and being called a good boy. I'm looking for a Daddy who is dominant, caring, affectionate, loving, intelligent and able to voice his thoughts and emotions. I'm unlikely to be interested in online hook-ups. I'd rather meet in person and get to know you first and see if there is a connection. I'm open to all the possibilities of what that connection might be. Ideally, I'd like to explore a more serious relationship.
Oakland California

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