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mikeson4dad Male 38 Gay Relationship
Looking for a gentle, kind, loving father figure. I am loyal and can pull my own weight, but desire a best friend and lover. I never had a dad that took an interest due to a car accident. and always wished for a masculine attention. I am masculine and am told I have a good heart. Women are typically interested, tho I do not share my sexuality with everyone. My family and close friends do know. I am attracted to older stocky, beefy masculine men. I love eyes. I usually prefer men who may be more chunky/thick/stocky/beefy/chubby to muscular than skinny men. I can be sometimes more attracted to balding men as men with hair, and I do prefer hairy, tho really, I am ultimately attracted to any strong masculine man who is loving, gentle and kind. Who is a good person, loyal, faithful.
Denver Colorado

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