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hi dear, I wish spend
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hi dear, I wish spend my life on my own accords, for me n my loving person. I wish to relocate such a place where I can work, earn money and live life happily with my man, I wish to rebirth, that's impossible but relocating at new place, new people around me will help me to get over from the mental trauma i am going through. About me- I am pharma graduate. Now working in pharma industry, 25 yrs old , a true cancerian, emotional, loving, caring boy, born 23 june 86, physically I am slim athletic, 64 kg 5.8'' ht. about my partner- he should be caring, loving and must have very affectionate to me. I dont mind if my partner roam his eyes somewhere but I must be on his top list otherwise, I don't want to be housemate rather I wish to be life-mate. Dear, I hope u understands my feeling, I really look to u as my future buddy, If God gave me this bad present then He must have thought something good future abt me.
Mumbai India

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