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i'm versatile; competent top, amazing bottom.
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murf82 Male 39 Gay Relationship
i'm versatile; competent top, amazing bottom. into all but poo and drugs. 420 very awesome. very eager to please. huge kisser. deep connecter. into serious passionate fucking. making you cum makes me cum, muliple times :) ultimately looking for Something mutually beneficial based on love and trust. Like the idea of serious relationships and extremely open about what that can look like. Would love to spend my time with someone amazing. Infinite possibilities. I'm an artist and a singer- and whatever else that requires me to be occasionally. life is very good. I love working around house/yard. Love animals. cool, funny, fun, nice, healthy, trusting, loving, mellow, honest. ALL GOOD. One love. God, nature(whatever meaning those have for you) walking/hiking, general beautiful things (i.e. Flowers, sculpture etc) books & reading, health foods, other foods. Travel. 'Thrills'. Intimacy. FREQUENT cannabis user here
Los Angeles California
Tacoma Washington

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