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If I search for the 'perfect man' who would I be kidding?
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myolderguy Male 58 Gay Dating
My older guy must be an honest man, have integrity, be true to himself and others. He should be spontaneous, fun loving and and enjoy life. My guy doesn't have to be a stud in fact he can wear a little extra meat on him as long as he's happy with it. He can be small endowed, uncut is nice, but not a requirement. I want him to allow me in inside his heart. Ideally, he's between 55 and 80 or thereabouts and doesn't classify himself in a top/bottom role. I believe whatever works with the one you're with, and your not inflicting pain or humiliation and both having pleasure is okay by me. I love intimacy, the kissing and cuddling part. I like my partner to feel special so whatever he enjoys I will accommodate him. You'll probably never see me participating in the general chat group as I come to believe its shallow small talk. The majority are already in relationships and are here calling themselves 'bi', giving themselves permission to scout out extra sex with no respect for their partners' feelings. Chat me up in private on a one on one basis, just remember to give me your ID so I too can see your profile. Butt shots are a turn off as there are enough assholes on this site already LOL. All that aside, as for me,I enjoy making dinners at home, experimenting with new dishes, love to entertain and on the opposite end I like to spend time in my castle with someone I care for. Internet dating can be fun but it also makes it too easy for people to play games at the expense of others, so please don't be one of those. I use to have a cam and used it when I was on a chat site, but that got boring fast, so I tossed it in the garbage. If I don't answer you in chat, then I'm probably away from the computer or on another site, I'm not ignoring you. I love the arts, music, most sports, traveling and enjoy cats and dogs although I don't have any now. If I sparked some interest and you want to get to know more about me, please ask. Look forward to getting to know you. Good luck to all for whatever your reasons are for coming here.
Austin Texas

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