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Rich, young guys apply here, LOL
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mystic06 Male 52 Gay Dating
Good friends, good food and drink, good music -- good life. Single professional looking to connect. Looking for guys who are caring and intelligent; ability to converse broadly, to cuddle, and to be cooked for are pluses. Ability to wire light fixtures is always appreciated! (Seriously, someone needs to step in before I electrocute myself!). Appreciation of a twisted sense of humour and a musician's sensibilities is a plus! Nice hands and good hygiene are essential. Ultimately it would be nice to find a great guy, best friend, partner... I guess I'll know him when that point arrives. Until then, the adventure continues... I enjoy movies, music and theatre, good restaurants, speciality tv channels, video games, walking and hiking, kayaking and canoeing, and travel. Organic gardening and cooking with freshly home-grown ingredients is my hobby and summer passion. I enjoy all of the arts, and so particularly creative people are a plus. I get down to the GTA quite regularly (including Hamilton) and Windsor so in case the North Bay thing is offputting -- this is not insurmountable. It's only 3.5 hours to Toronto... a bit longer to Hamilton, or Ottawa.
North Bay Ontario

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