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Words Before My profile: Bored by: transocean love , I am always not intrested in guys who have been partennered ! i Love: Quite , mature kind of man . I think one's inside is more important than the looks . 1)i don't usually log on this website ,but i use often ,so the best way to contact with me is through. 2)Don't be old !!And i like beard and little fat man! 3)today is one of my most sad days: A gay friend on the net keep me out of his door ,in his words, never contact with me ,only because that I would not like to be naked before cam.Then i think it's time to think these over!! Friends , What do you want from me ?? the things related with Sex ??You want me to Meet you needs in these way:show my naked body to you~??Dear guys ,if you want that, it's time to drop me away .I'm not the very man you are looking for ,please leave me away !! Though i'm a young guy,i would never like to be fooled or fool others ,I treat everyone Seriously ,I' looking for a guy who really love me by heart ,rather thamn love my body ,my face I'm very disapointed today !! very very much!& I'm very sad too!! Hi, i'm a young guy! I am happy to find a lot of guys like me here. I like mature man ,who seems to have Experienced very much . Though i'm a Chinese ,I like foreign culture very much.And i also like painting ,reading .I,m intrested in the outside unknow world .I like play volleyball & pingpang very much ,and i 'm good at them .I like music very much ,like watch films with ture emotion .I hate violence ,wars and other that things . I have a crazy feeling to hairy man.Sex is necessary but can't stand for everything .I don't like guys who are crazy for sex. I think a friend who can communicate with me heart by heart is much more Attractive than other things for me . Prepared for ture friend , who then can be my lover! I'll be Specificitive for my lover!As long as you wish !! If you are intrested in China culture ,if you are intrested on me ,just contact me !!And the most important :if you are Serious!!~~ I am sorry for the unclear photo,because i want keep away from those who only take this as Entertainment .Honest friends will know more about me! Thank you for your visiting again!thank you!!
XC China

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