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Hi, I´m 42 and into older
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nerdycocksucker Male 51 Gay Smooth Daddy
Hi, I´m 42 and into older men. I prefer men who are taller then me, a little big is ok but not too much (no beer bellies). I like french kissing and (at the same time)to jerk each other off. But most of all I like to suck cock, kneeling down or lying down and getting face fucked. But all this in a relaxed way. Getting fucked is still a fantasy, but I like getting fingerfucked and love to watch movies in which a slim younger guy is fucked by a hot daddy. And a love to show my ass to an older guy to turn him on. Would love to get my ass licked too. I also like to show myself on cam and exchange pictures or be filmed while sucking cock. And you younger guys: I can get turned on by cute younger guys (and very much like to watch them on internet as well), but for some reason sex with older guys just turns me on a bit more. But who knows..
Waalwijk Netherlands

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