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Wanted a mature relationship with men, dad, crowns, mature, gray, aged 45 to 85 years to be discreet.
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netuno_sp Male 41 Gay Silver Daddy
I am a man of good with my sexuality, MALE, outgoing, independent, liberal, considerate, romantic, loving, well educated, humorous, dedicated, honest, discreet (not effeminate) completely out of the way. Uncomplicated, objective and direct, take virtual conversations. Versatile and very bastard, bastard in the right measure, discarding bizarre forms of sex and scatology, I hate violence. Sex without preliminary chat rooms, and not roll ... OUTSIDE THE promiscuous is commonly. I am attentive, romantic and very loving. That does not look for the financial aspect , but the affection, love, friendship, complicity and romanticism. Write to me - PS: Send photos.
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Milan Italy
São Paulo Brazil

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