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I am a well balanced, down-to-earth, professional gay man living downtown Toronto. Presently I am single and looking to make new friends or just have an interesting conversation. My interests are eclectic, I like to read, travel, love classical (but not only!) music. Looking for a decent, gentle, passionate and sensual man (you must like to kiss), somewhat younger than myself, prefer over 25 (or younger if you are mature enough to know that there is more to life than just head-games and constant partying) and up to mid forties. For those who have already a boy friend or partner, we can only be friends, not interested to be the :lover on the side'. If along the way I meet someone compatible who is interested in more than just casual or on-going fun, I am ready to do the hard work involved in a commitment. If you are any of the following: 'boy/boi, twink, dude, vgl jock iso perfect body', then I am most probably not for you. I go to the gym regularly to keep myself in a reasonable shape, not to become a muscular gym bunny, I am clean and neat, financially independent, open minded and looking for someone similar in the Toronto area. Please feel free to e-mail me for more details. Thanks.
Toronto Ontario

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