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Looking for LTR with handsome sweet guy!
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niceguyjim Male 67 Gay Relationship
Hey guys, So, let me start by saying that I am looking for a lover and a friend! Someone to share my life with. Doesn't sound too difficult, but it most definitely is! Me, I'm just a simple, pretty down to earth guy. Like to travel, party with friends, dance, swim, dine in and out and just lay in bed with my lover and play all day! Sex should be fun, exciting, not a competition. If you care about each other, there should be no pressure to perform; no anxiety! Just pure unadulterated enjoyment! So, what type of a guy am I looking for? Difficult to say. There are so many hot guys out there and I find that I enjoy a variety of different types. I suppose my perfect man would be around my height, have a great body, have a beautiful smile, be warm, kind, affectionate, preferrably with black hair and green or blue eyes with a little chest hair. But, as I said, that is my dream man! As long as he has some of the qualities that I am looking for and is not looking for a sugardaddy, I would definitely be interested in talking with him. So, let's see who is out there! I'm ready whenever you are!
Houston Texas

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