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Thank you for looking my profile. A Little about me as u must know first who am I'm not interested about cam sex I'm looking someone for friend,Dont ask me about cam sex coz just bother me. I live in jakarta who enjoyed chat and always open to new friend all around the world. Friend who sincerely believe there is more to the whole person than just penis (prefer 45-75).I need to know before i fall in love.It would be great to have someone to share life. There is a man so far away i thought I'd meet him one fine day,His heart is pure,His eyes so bright I thought we'd meet one day or night.Our eyes did meet one fateful day.We smiled and laughed and played all day I said 'come here' one happy night And he just smiled and said 'I might' Then just by chance the light of day Turned dark and cold. And then some way Some words just stung like bees in flight And then the man vanished from sight.I wonder if that sunny day Will bring the man to me some way.Then darkness will turn into light,And we will smile all through the night. PS : I will sent to you my picture, sorry i couldn't show my face hope u all understand thanks

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