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Two Bears hunting for adventures
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nwnakedbear Male 59 Gay Fuck Buddy
Bear Couple that is in an open relationship, it works for us and we do not judge others about their preference. We are seeking men to chat with on here or via Skype, like to get to know you better and see where things could lead too. Darral: 55, 5’ 10”, 300 lbs(lossing it slowly) 5” Uncut Cock, Large Balls, Mustache , NO SHAVE CROTCHED AREA, HIV NEG/STD FREE, TESTED 7/7/17 and on prEP. Philip: 66, 5’ 8”, 230 lbs, 6” Cut Cock, Goatee, Hairy Body, Shaved Head (Most Times), NO SHAVED CROTCH AREA. PLEASE DO NOT BE TOTALLY SHAVED CROTCH, TRIMMED IS FINE OR NATURAL IS THE BEST, ALSO MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF HIV/STD STATUS! We are interested in meeting a person(s), for friendship and yes sex too with them if all agree upon that arrangement. You are welcome to come and stay with us, and we can be your tour guide, also we would pick you up and take you back to the airport. You do not need to worry about food or a place to sleep, you will only need to pay for your own way here. We could only host one person here though, due to not a lot of room, and you would be sleeping with the younger one in his bed, or we can figure out someway to have you sleep in the living room. Also we can come to visit you together or separately, as long as you can host too. Yes we sleep in different rooms and it works for us. If we do have sex with you, it could be one on one or three way too in my room. Myself the younger one, enjoys being naked as much I can inside the house, older one does get naked sometimes too. But at night we both sleep naked, and we do have a dog that sleeps in the younger one’s room in a crate at night. Nonsmokers here and do not use any drugs, if your a smoker then you have to smoke outside and then make sure that you do not smell or taste like it. Poppers are OK for you to use if you like during sex, also we BAREBACK ONLY, receiving your Cock and white stuff. Interest are as following. Cooking, Entertaining, day trips, travel, gardening Walks on the Beach or Woods(Due to knee issues for both, have to take short walks or rest sometimes) Sex Wise Mutual Sucking Cock, Balls, Tits Kissing(Please no constant tongue wiggling) Rimming (Mostly Receiving) Anal Play BAREBACK Fucking (Both Receive, maybe some times can TOP, if stay hard or get hard issues) Piss Play (Younger Only) Pissing on each other, you drink mine, or in my ass. Willing to experiment with new things. Also we are looking for someone to come and join us in our relationship, just come and visit get to know each other. Be a TOP or TOP VERSATILE THAT FUCKS MEN, NOT GET FUCKED. We could be not open anymore with the Three of Us or Open, can discuss this more in person. If that happens YOU MUST FIND A JOB AND HELP SUPPORT THE HOUSEHOLD RESPONSIBILITIES. BE ABLE TO HAVE SOME FORM OF INCOME OR SAVINGS WHEN YOU JOIN US IN THE RELATIONSHIP.
Bothell Washington

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