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strict mentoring
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nyctours35 Male 57 Bisexual Smooth Boy
I am a strict mentor, who teaches young men to obey and behave. I require a dress code of Jeans and sneakers (hightops if you have them) White undies and socks and any color t-shirt. I Like to spank and paddle, I like smooth boys, and boys my age or younger. I travel from Baltimore to Boston, and inland as well. I would love a part time houseboy to stay with me on weekends that could grow into a full spot, but I also enjoy mentoring and have more then 25 years experince. I am great with first timers or begginners. I dont always punish if you do good youget a reward too. When you email, send pic if possible and what brand sneakers you got and when the alst time youhada good bare bottom spanking, why and by who.
New Rochelle New York

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