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oldfoxbob Male 68 Gay Twink Boy
Im a chunky set, but carry it well, some what hairy chest type of guy. I enjoy computers, funny movies, si fi, and making people laugh. Im sorta passive when it comes to sex. I am not really a bottom but may try it again after many years of not doing it. I have a lover and we are in an open relationship. I travel in an RV a lot around the USA so I will some day be in your area. I enjoy cooking, camping, talking one on one but dont really like groups so sort of a loner in that respect. I am looking for a young guy who likes heavy guys like me. I have a goatee, glasses and am what is called a furry if you know what that is. send me an e-mail and we will see about getting together some time soon.
Chattahoochee Florida
Dunning Nebraska

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