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Old Biker Looking For A Rider
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pagandad Male 68 Gay Relationship
I am an old biker. I have many interests besides motorcycles. I'd like to meet the right young man to share my home and life's adventures with. I used to live in Rhode Island, but moved to Tennessee in 2016. I am retired and own a mini-farm high in the mountains just south of the Virginia border. It i a very beautiful area, ideal for someone who loves nature and the outdoors; there's always something new to see and do, be it hiking on the mountain I live on, or target practice shooting, or hunting and fishing for those who like it, or gardening, or just relaxing on the back porch and watching the cows in the pasture. It's not the place for someone who wants the city night life, but is wonderful for me. I hope the young man I find would enjoy it too.
Tazewell Tennessee

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