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I promise to do some hardcore editing once I figure out how to simplify it while still getting my point across. To be fair I'm bi and mostly straight. But I'm an extremely perverted bottom for older men. Looking for a dad to turn me into his slut son. into exhibition,dad/son roleplay,pantys/lingerie ,w/s,poppers,outdoor sex,humiliation,taking pics and making vids actually my only real limits are no bondage s&m fisting or scat. im a big time exhibitionist. If u know a place or have creative ways to indulge that side if me its a huge plus. . sleazy gay bars. bath houses. any sort of public place or event in which i can be naughty. if your a perverted dom message me. I love humiliation and being emasculated. Made to wear panties and lingerie, skirts used outdoors late at night in parks and other place's. Extremely filthy dirty talk. Love pnp if its something that will remove my inhibitions. I love poppers. lots of pics and vids being taken during. I need my dads cum. I was raised that a real man doesn't suck cock or get fucked in the ass. A real man doesn't get spanked by other men or submit to other men. That if you take another mans cock he will always be more of a man then you and your father. I crave that shame. Does the thought of turning another mans son into ur twisted cum slut make ur cock hard?'. For me on some level I'm really attracted to the idea of lowering myself to older men. I'm masc and live, act, and consider myself mostly straight.As I said though I get off big time on lowering myself to older tops. There are a lot of factors for me. One purely being a submissive bi bottom of course(though very much the masc dom straight alpha male type in my day to day life). Beyond that I get off on how shameful I was raised to believe this part of my sex life is. I get off on the disrespect to my blood father. I get off on feeling like a slut. I remember when I first indulged this side of me. I was eight teen. I had been talking with my neighbor, he and my dad hated each other. To me he was like a cool uncle or something and i felt comfortable telling him anything. I used to sneak out and skinny dip in his hot tube with him late at night. I shared tons of secret sexual fantasys with him which eventually lead to me inviting hi over one weekend while my parents were away. After a couple hours of really perverted play and extremely filthy dirty. I was laying naked flat on my stomach in my parents bed on my dads side of the bed. A over weight man in his 50s covered in thick body hair that was soaked in sweat was sliding his cock into my ass. He pushed in all the way and layed on top of me while may ass accepted and relaxed around his cock. I could feel his swear while he shamed me for taking his cock. While he boasted about making my dads son his bitch in my dads own bed. Eventually he started slowly thrusting into to my ass or what he called my pussy. He made me tell him I loved his cock. That I needed him inside me. That i was his bitch his slut his little girl. He made me made me call him dad (with an extra d and y the site wont let me us that word for some reason). He made me admit he was more of a man then me. he made me tell him he was more of a man then my dad. Lol he was one of those alpha male twisted doms oviously. He got off hard on anything that was humiliating for me and disrespectful to my father.I loved ever minute of it. I loved the shame the humiliation. I loved it all. He made me beg yell at the top of my lungs my full name and that I needed his cum in my pussy. He had pushed all my buttons turned me on so much that when i felt his hot cum pump into my ass. I truelly felt like his cum was a reward from being a good boy. From there i was literally his slut. He demanded that nothing in the world be more important then to me then being his slut. I he'd make me wear pantys(I'm wasnt and still not naturally fem or a remotely passable cross dresser). he especially enjoyed raiding my moms dresser (again he and my dad hated each other so there weren't really lines he wasnt willing to cross). Through him I developed an 'absolutely anything to please dad' no matter what mindset. So if hed tell me to put on a skirt so short my ass peeked out the bottom, and a garterbelt and stockings (his fav of my moms cloths) and walk to his house (risking my dad waking up and catching me) I'd do it. If he wanted to talk pictures and videos of us having sex, me dressed like a sissy, anything he wanted I let him. He liked making me suck him or get fucked by him in front of windows. He really liked the idea that someone who knews my dad might see. I wont publicly get into the really fucked up things I did cuz I mean...look how long this is already (though any dads who want to know can ask privately). My point is oviously I was bi-curious before my relationship with him. I oviously had a thing for older men. I was oviously already a sub bottom by nature. But Through him pushing my limits I evolved sexually. It's how I learned that the more wrong or taboo something is, excluding serious criminal offense's, the more it turns me on. I'm being up front about that. So thats my long drawn out rambling story about where my particular kinks and interests stem from. I continue to evolve develope new kinks and fantasys. Different dads like different things. Ultimately I like balls to the wall really nasty pervert types. I've had a few other dad/son relationships. Even when I was married, dad came first (yea i get to some of you this makes me sound terrible).I'm very submissive for dad, though in my typical day to day life, im more the alpha male type. I'm only gay for my dad unless he decides otherwise(ill explain what that means if you need me to). See I identify as straight. I don't have sex with men just to have sex with men. I don't simply hook up. Ill just put it bluntly. Its been a little over two years since ive been fucked, because my last dad moved, and I wont submit to just anyone. I will wait till i have a new dad. I get a ton of messages on several sites like this one and on fetlife (if ur a member on fetlife lemme know i have a mile long list of kinks and fantasys on there u might be interested in reading) and a few other sites. I dont waste my time on men that dont have what im looking for. I know the story of how i started sounds like it was just wild and kinky sex. but it also oviously steered and influenced my sexuality in a huge way. I mean i was simply bi curious before things began with him. Its a perfect example of how I put my dads first. That I'm willing to cross almost any line to please my dad. That has never changed. I met my last dad before I got married (I'm divorced now for unrelated reasons and trust me if you knew the whole story youd understand why I dont feel bad about all i did with my dad while i was with her) and maybe its wrong or twisted in some peoples eyes but I always put dad first. there werent lines I wasnt willing to cross for him. Lol at times even taking big risks that could have got me caught. Some examples being...on my second anniversary my dad at the time told me not only did he want to have sex with me before i could have sex with her, but he also insisted I wear the lingerie she had bout to wear for that night with me. Soo I went into the bathroom put it all on under my normal cloths came up with an excuse to step out for a while and met him down in the parking lot. once I snuck him into our apartment while she was sleeping it was a huge risk. he and i were bare ass naked he was sitting on the couch I was riding his dick facing him with my back to the hallway where our bedroom was. But thats what dad wanted he wanted me to ride him right out in the open like that. Or getting me to agree to go shopping for slutty lingerie for me to wear for him at the sex shop right down the road from my wife and mines apartment. the same shop she and i frequented (well we went once a month or so) while we were there he made a point of bring the girl at the counter over to help us. Asking if they had a few things in my size making comments to her about what he likes to wear for him and asking her for ideas. He even had me ask a few questions. This woman was unbelievably hot im not a cheater but I would have fucked the shit out of her married or not. not to mention whether she remembered or not she had help my wife and i on a few occassions. And there i was asking her If they had any skirt just long enough to barely cover my ass because my dad likes my ass to peek out if i bend over even a little. when we were at the register getting ready to pay while i was standing right next to him, he asked her if there were positions that were better for anal that would help me take his dick deeper. which wasnt an actual issue he just wanted the woman to know i get fucked by him. I should point out that im not a crossdresser. I a masc guy i have body hair and facial hair I could never pass as a woman. I dont enjoy wearing stuff like that atleast at first with a new dad (if he likes it or is turned on by forced sissification or whatever reason he might have)its really embarrassing to let a man old enough to be my father (or anyone else he might have we dress like that for or infront of)not just see me dressed in girl cloths or underwear but to do it because he told me to or wants me to which is amplified when i have to wear it while we have sex.The doms im attracted to get off on pushing my limits over time. testing how far im willing to go to submit to them. Anyone whos sexually submissive will submit within their comfort zone. You want an obedient son right dad? But I'm guessing more often then not your previous boys would only submit so much, and no matter what theres always lines they wont cross. with me over time as the I grow more attatched to my dad and once I trust him completely there are no lines. Id let him strip me naked in a park and fuck me in broad day light (if he promised hed protect me from any trouble i could get in). Eventually I grow to need dads cock and need his approval. There comes a point where dad, daddies cock, dads cum, his sexual pleasure become a literal need. Indulging every fantasy or sexual whi
West Bloomfield Township Michigan

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