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Alone but Not Lonely
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A 75 year old retired professional living in the West Midlands seeking both sexual and intellectual stimulation. Open to offers! Someone who has a caring nature is out going, honest and can make me laugh, has patience. Someone who doesn't always just thinks about sex. I think its nicer that sometimes just to be close with someone and gives a good hug, can mean so much more than full on sex. Don't get me wrong I love sex as adore the wearing of tight fitting briefs showing a bulge to suck and nibble what lies within making the fabric wet with saliva and pre cum. Nothing is more sensuous that grinding together crutches wearing tight fitting briefs. A real wow. Baggy boxer shorts simple does not to it for me!! Also happy to c2c especially during these trying times as although in lock down still need orgasms! A relationship/friendship, which is based on honesty, equality, trust, tolerant, and 100% commitment. As you only get back what you put in, so if you put in your best you can't go wrong.
Birmingham United Kingdom

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