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A simple guy with simple thought. A happy go lucky person and a bit more on the laidback side. Enjoy the process rather than a quick result. A food lover and you will see a big smile on my face whenever I find some good ones. Enjoy cinema as well as a dvd at home. Enjoy a hot coffe in a cold rainy day and an iced cold green tea in a hot afternoon. A nice meal with a bit of wine and Jazz in the evening with someone nice to talk to and cuddle is I think the best reward after a long and tiring day at work. I am becoming a more homely person these days, it`s not that I don`t like socializing, I think the older we grow the more we understand how much a home means to us. Love long and gentle kissing. Back in Malaysia now after 4 and a half years living in the UK. I used to be a contemporary dancer but love playing soccer too before I went to the UK to study in the University (strange combination? Well some people say why not). I enjoy the long hours of training, sweating, throwing my body on the stage, and the time spent with my lovely friends from the dance society who I have developed close and strong friendship with. I am not very good at doing two things at one time for example something as simple as cooking and talking together. So not to mention something as hard as sharing my heart with more than one person at the same time. I consider myself a very lucky person and I love my family and my lovely friends.
Johor Bahru Malaysia

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