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Seeking someone Warm, Caring, Loyal, Loving and Funny!!
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poodleboy Male 41 Gay Relationship
I am seeking the warmth of another human heart. Ideally I'd like find someone who's done playing around and ready to commit to a LTR. Someone who's ready for Soul-Friendship, Romance, Carnal-Pleasure with one person and one person only: ME! Someone caring, sincere, honest, loyal and loving. Someone who's emotionally mature and stable yet fun-loving and young at heart. Someone who's faithful and d d free. I'm also seeking someone who's financially secure and generous with his good fortune. Although thses are ideals the type of relationship will depends on compatibility AND chemistry. I'm not seeking perfection but someone real... someone warm, authentic, vibrant (in and out of bed), easy- going, down-to-earth, passionate, caring, kind, vulnerable confident. Ofcourse he'll have to be drugs disease free. I'm in my late 20s, 5'6', about 155lbs, told I'm cute, soft voice, nice, caring, sincere, loyal and loving. I'm a bottom (greek passive french active passive)... like to kiss and cuddle and hold hands behind close doors. I'm sensitive but NOT a drama queen. I'm basicly a nice guy. I'm really into the fine arts, namely painting, drawing, designing, and music. Also I'd like to learn more about music, painting, computers and stuffs and go to school. I'm hard-working and easy-going and down-to-earth. I hate conflicts and believe that there is a better way to solve problems: COMMUNICATION through patience, understanding and respect. I'd like to find an awsome man who'll be there for me through thick and thin, be supportive in every way possible. Please note I'm NOT out to my parents and realtives... only a hand full of close friends. But I am totally comfortable with my orientation. Write me with your details and a pic if possible... let's not be strangers anymore.
Manhattan New York

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