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Mature guy looking for fun, younger companion...
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pscowboy Male 65 Gay Fuck Buddy
NSA, FB, FWB - not looking for a relationship, just fun times! I am mostly attracted to guys younger than myself. If you are hairy chested, a cowboy, love rodeo or just horse riding, or if you just love two step - then we'll get along just fine. I'm an atheist; I don't mind other people being religious, but I don't want to hear about it! You won't be a smoker, or a republican - we'd just not get along. Other than that, I don't mind too much about size and shape, or if you call youself a boy, daddy, otter, whatever. I have many interests sexually. If there's something special you like (or want to try), there's a good chance I've done it at least once, and I might like it - why not ask? Many other interests outside the bedroom too! So if you are looking for FWB, we might enjoy a variety of activities together. Not interested in jealousy or possessiveness - pass on by if you have those traits. I like to spend time with a number of others, either singly or in groups.

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