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raymond4younger Male 61 Gay Traveling Buddy
I am not a member YET -- so can only send flirts, Looking for a friend, under the age of 50 for possible relationship that is willing to go out and have fun or just stay at home and watch a great movie, taking one day at a time. I would love to one day get 'married'. I want someone who I can call my best friend. Someone that enjoys being with me, enjoys dining out, antiques, movies, theater, conversation, travel, walks in the park just talking, or sitting home together doing whatever. I want someone that understands there is more to a relationship than just sex. Although the sex is important (it doesn't make a relationship, but adds to a relationship) being with that special someone that likes you for more than one thing is even better. I'm truly a hopeless romantic. According to my friends some of my qualities are honesty, loyalty, caring, attractive, genuine, and fun to be around, good listener and the list goes on. I love to travel, to just jump in the car and drive for the day or even the weekend, taking a change of clothes along with just in case we don't make it back and we stay some place for the evening. I have found so many out of the way different places, we have so many great places in the U.S. that we don't even know about and a lot of them are right out our own back door. Life is to short to worry about the little things. (I retired from the military)
Oklahoma City Oklahoma

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