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I’m looking for a responsible and emotional man for a long term relationship.
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ready2luv Male 26 Gay Relationship
I am single versatile top guy. 5'7 fit tall, 162 lbs. brown eyes, dark brown hair. Very sexy romantic boy, tender and caring. Sometimes I think that I'm too modest, sometimes not, it depends on my mood. I can say that I'm open-minded, creative person, honest, decent, handsome and kind guy with a good sense of humor and serious intentions for a long term relationship with a bottom older man. Fun boy, I love listening to music, fishing, camping, swim and run, also like to go to GYM. I love to read, watch and review movies, I like to communicate with interesting people. I have a lust for all things great in this world, great food, great friends and great moments. I'm looking forward to having more time to travel and enjoy the important things in life and I’m ready to share these moments with right person. There are so many places to see and things to do! I really love learning about different cultures and ways of life. I'm not interested with having a lot of friends. A few good friends are all I need. I prefer quality and not quantity. I love beautiful things, love to have fun and always dreaming bigger! I’m looking for a responsible and emotional man. I wish to divide my life with someone who will understand me. I would prefer an open minded person with good sense of humor. I'm looking for new friends to start a serious long term relationship with and if I find the right person, we will take it from there. Nobody is perfect but I feel that everybody has a chance to meet the right person. Age group of a partner: 39-69 My perception of an ideal relationship: idea relationship I represent as a Union of two loving people with common interests who unconditionally trust, care, help each other, people who are easy to spend much time together.
Grand Rapids Michigan

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