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If you are Married or Bisexual, I am not interested, I am looking for Gay men only! Hi guys i am a romantic, intelligent, and sensitive guy, 6'4 tall red hair blue eyes, yo looking for the long term relationship i deserve with a classy successful guy. I am tired of going out with losers, guys who cant carry on a conversation, guys who are couch potatoes and never want to do anything to broaden their horizons, i am looking for a man who can make my dreams come true. I have many interests, that i enjoy including, music, theater, gardening, anything creative, i am also classically trained pianist, and i also sing. Love going to museums, traveling, internationally and nationally, cooking, cruises, just anywhere, as long as i am with the right guy, i also love staying in cuddling in bed on a winter night, talking and telling each other our inner most desires. You must be drug and disease free, romantic and intelligent. And have a good sense of humor. A man who can make me laugh is very attractive. Please don't pass up a good guy like me, they don't are not easy to find everyday in our lives (trust me i have looked) i also am a huge disney fan, i still believe in true love (yes it is possible with the right person) well i am lucky enough to be able to have two jobs that allow me to use my passion for living. I am a musician, i play the piano, for a church and also i play the piano at two well known hotels here in the central pa area. I also have a degree for graphic design. My interests are anything that involves creativity and imagination such as: music, acting, drawing, cooking, decorating, and anything else my mind can create, creativity is a god given gift, that is only given to special people, and i am glad i was blessed with it. The first things people usually notice about me i would say the first thing people notice would be my charming personality, my openness, honesty and passionate nature, my red hair and blue eyes! :), i am a person who is not dishonest about myself, lying is never a good thing, so if you want to get my attention and win my heart be yourself and be honest, that always works! :) dreams: my dream is to find a man who is romantic and has a heart of gold the six things i could never do without love freedom happiness hugs kisses laughter i spend a lot of time thinking about um ok, there is not enough room to write down all of the things i think about! Ok i will tell you one thing i think about, 'why people in our world are so full of so much hate and ignorance and why people make things more difficult then they need to be!' if there is anything you would like to know, please ask me! I have no problem communicating, i have excellent communication skills. :) usually working at my hotel job, playing the piano, and when i am not working i usually enjoy the peace and quiet, a good book, old 40's movies, especially the turner classic movie channel, pbs, or food network i like to watch things that broaden your horizons, and you learn something. The most private thing i'm willing to admit here it's to private to admit here! Lol! You should message me if i need a good quality guy in my life, i like men who are intelligent, romantic, buying me roses ( roses are my favorite) other than on my b-day, but just to say you care, i like men who also have a good sense of humor , it is very attractive, men who like to travel broaden their horizons,. You must be drug and desease free. And above all just have a good heart.
Harrisburg Pennsylvania

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