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Pushing 70. May mean something to you, means nothing to me. I feel great. I look okay. I’m still breathing, got a pulse. House-trained. Actually, I think I’m in my prime. Deep. Private. Hermit. Mysterious. Difficult to know. Just a few of the words used to describe me. (Never used or realised: Shy. Yes, shy. Easier to hide it when you’re older.) Vanilla. How vanilla can you get? Real vanilla. Rimming? Move on. Haven't heard about Hep and Herpes? Yes, I said vanilla. Have I got the term right? That’s how out of date I sometimes feel. They say, (the handful) that I’m pretty good, very attentive and non-stop in bed. My partner’s pleasure is my aim. I’ve proudly worn out a few youngsters, which eases me towards more mature men who know how tactile we can be. Unlimited time seems normal to me, otherwise, why bother? Amateurs can go to TAFE. Sex is so easy to get. Real intimacy, trust, compatability, comfort, these are the elusive and hard-earned values. Could you actually settle for a warm, physical, non-sexual friendship? I know I could. An actual raunchy sexual one? Bet your arse! Sometimes we have to re-think our needs, and a trusted friend who you could snuggle up to in a capital city hotel over a cultural weekend fix sounds pretty good to me. The sex may be quiet and gentle (or noisy enough to cause complaint from management) but it would always be memorable. We would make it so. Please read the profile, because I have been fucking honest! I have the usual skin cancers and age spots. Too old and ugly for romance (unless you're short-sighted or desperate) but realise that I'm fucking good at FRIENDSHIP and all the loyalty and understanding that requires. Talk to me. I'd prefer a photo of your brain rather than a photo of your cock. I know what a cock looks like, I've got one. Please tell me you collect Barbie dolls or pull the wings off flies, but spare me the cock-shots! Is there anyone out there with a brain or a sense of humour? (Even one of the two would be a start.) BY THE WAY, IF YOU SHAVE YOUR PUBES, FORGET IT. I'M NOT INTO THE LITTLE BOY THING. Some close mates, a few beers, good food and wine, stimulating and challenging conversation, film, newspapers, books and writing, music, theatre, art, travel, gardening, photography, bush- walking, enjoyment of all footie codes, what more could a man ask for? Life is a banquet and I have a giant appetite. Let's appreciate and celebrate the exciting differences that make up our diverse personalities. Love ya! UPDATE 29.08.13: I know that there are guys like me out there, who do not want to present themselves on a sex site. Let’s face it, 99% of the guys on here want sex in the first five minutes. I can go 500 metres and hook up at any one of five pubs. Too easy. Totally meaningless. So I don’t do it. So I’m lonely. I believe in long engagements. Too slow? Piss off. I do enjoy talking to the isolated guys in the bush, sure we get on but we always have to admit, distance is the killer. Who is going to change their holiday or travel plans for a STRANGER? Well, to be honest, far too many seem ready, but how ingenuous is that? You meet a guy after a concert, you talk, discover you have far too much in common, then, being wary, you swap the info, meet up for a drink, next, a dinner and a movie. Maybe, next month, you go on a hike together. Swap the photos, plan the next meet. By this time, you’re hoping that the next weekend away will be an event. Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s my dream.
Maryborough Australia

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