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I like guys older than I
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rodneyinsandiego Male 50 Gay Relationship
I like guys older than I 40 to 70's, I love to dine out, go to movies or stay at home and rent one and snuggle, I love concerts, theater, plays, musicals, walks on the beach, swimming, surfing, bike rides, go on spontaneous car trips somewhere fun, and just enjoy being with someone. I'm very open minded to most things, and am not stuck in my ways. I would love to live with someone someday again, I really miss the day to day stuff not just the morning love makings but that is nice too (more top here). I have lived on my own since 1988 when I graduated high school and moved to Atlanta from Detroit in 1990 and lived were I met a few people I dated and lived with over the 6 years I was there in the 90's. After living in my house in San Diego since 1997 I am ready for a change and would love to find someone who feels the same. I went to collage in Tempe AZ and also worked/lived in the Caribbean on a cruise ship for a while when I graduated collage. I'm very interested in getting to know someone and see what happens. I would love to share my laughs and feeling and emotions and life with someone who feels the same. I look forward to hearing from you. if you only have two messages a day here. I live alone so i can have visitors anytime, i live in the most beautiful city in the united states and no its not to expensive, its not much different than most other cities, the heat and air bills don't exist since its in the 70's year round, and its also not humid at all. I also am open to visiting's others too anytime, I work for myself so can travel anytime. I'm a sound engineer and a musician who loves all arts and feels the world can always use more. Rodney xoxoxo
San Diego California

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