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pappa bear
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rootdr7200 Male 55 Gay Thin Otter Boy
I am a big ole teddy bear, raised in the country, I am a hopeless romantic, looking for a long term (very monogamous) relationship, I am attracted to younger thin guys with hair from the waist down, and semi to smooth from the waist up, facial hair is ok, I like to play the part of papa bear, that is what most of my friends call me anyhow, I tend to be very supportive, and sometimes overly protective, I am not overly jealous, as long as you know who you are coming home to/with, I don't care if you flirt. cock size is not important to me, but being able to communicate with some degree of sense is, I don't like to argue, but I do some times like to role play. I like the outdoors, camping, hunting, not so much fishing, but I like swimming and boating, however I will fish for hours as long as they are biting, I dont like head games, but do like bed games, I love a good joke, and I love to make others smile and laugh. I would love to have a young buck to give me a reason to get back in shape. someone to be around for. and I like the mountains and the ocean, that is why I live where I can be at either one in 1.5 to 2 hours, I can either be at myrtle beach, Charleston, or the blue ridge mountains. I am not looking for a sissy, if I wanted a girl I would get one, I want a son/boyfriend that is cool, and close when were out, and affectionate at home. I don't have a problem with public displays of affection, but not all the blasted time. its more fun to sneak in a quick kiss. or an innuendo, that means something to just us, and ignites a spark for later.
Ramseur North Carolina

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