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Older fun loving guy looking for a younger brother or son type for fun
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rrichard1963 Male 57 Gay Smooth Boy
I am a fun loving older guy that likes to have a lot of fun and enjoys doing a lot of things. I would like to meet younger guys that are atleast interested in friendship and go from there. I am an interesting guy with a great sense of humor, even though it may be a little twisted at times. I love to cook and travel as well as being a nester due to having a couple of high school kids. I am very family oriented and that is a big part of my life. I am working on several projects that I am in hopes of completing in the next 2-3 years. I am seeking someone that I can have both a friendship with and a relationship. I want to do a lot of things over the next few years and I am looking for someone that I can do them with and not alone as I have done over the past. It has been difficult to raise children alone but a choice that I made because of the way that a lot of people see gays that raise children. Now that they are old enough to more than understand that I too have feelings and a life of my own I feel more comfortable in opening my life in to a relationship direction. I do have a web cam but because I do have my kids living with me I do not expose anything. I am very protective of them and myself from anything that can be turned into a spectacle especially since we live in a very conservative area of the state. If you would like to know more about me them please feel free to look me.
Linton Indiana

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