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So here's my profile at the risk of turning u off; it's not tailored to u in any way, so read with caution , and you'd better sit down! This is me: Average intelligence, but over educated (2 Masters plus) . Success due to determined effort, and taking life a bit seriously -- not a 'pinch and giggle' event for me. I'm overly curious about all things -- that's what really turns me on. Very well traveled. Lived abroad for 3 years, and have gone on extended (8-9 weeks) stays. Have never taken a two-week trip anywhere. If it's worth going to, it's worth a bit of time. Having done all that so often, I now take deep pleasure in the home, in the city, and simply what's over the next hill. (Maybe U?) Health conscious, trim. Love to walk/hike. It's surprising how much more you see if on foot. Don't smoke (anything) but drink socially. Hate hangovers so seldom overdo. DDF and expect you to be also. Never had any STD's. If you need drugs to enjoy life, you're not for me. I get off on reality. Insist on safe play only. Attracted to all types of men as long as HWP, altho otters and wolves always catch my eye. I don't put a face picture on the general site in order to elude cruising friends and relatives -- who knows? Enjoy long JO's and edging. Much as I would enjoy it, I would let only a partner in my back door. Or vice-versa. I'm a sensualist, a sexual enthusiast. But not dumb. I like verbals (want to know what you're feeling, thinking) and visuals. (body worship is probably too strong a term for the pleasure I take in looking, called the male 'gaze' in cinema studies) Consequently some lights should stay on, and background music off, at least during intimacy. It's you I want to see and hear and massage and not my imaginary, closed-eyed, mind's version of you. We all know that sex is about giving pleasure, not taking it. I easily get excited just seeing you and watching your reactions. I swell and drip from the start. I love all kinds of music, but not when I'm focusing on you. I'm not a good multi- tasker. Generous with my body. I can offer it freely, sometimes with NSA. Love nature and nudity. On the east coast sand dune sex was always best, somehow purer, more sensual and in both senses, hotter. I have no tats, nor piercings. Body = my temple. I suppose that's my thinking. I'm sensitive and romantic. I get lost in books and films (I have over 1k dvd's), and emotional over the arts. Am a great listener with lots of empathy. I'm a very cautious guy, maybe even a bit suspicious. Let's discover slowly our desires. There's no rush for a quickie here. I consider myself honest, caring, loyal , sane, sincere, friendly, positive, easy going, down to earth, passionate, sensual, affectionate, respectful. Enjoy most things outdoors, walking, hiking, traveling, skiing, photography. Also consider myself pretty flexible. And that's why I regret many of these profiles that seem quite limiting. I think more openness to age, body hair, weight, ethnicity, sex acts, whatever, might bring more possibilities/opportunities. So I don't mean all the above to be limiting, but just as a way of introduction, as a way to begin the conversation. I can go the friendship, companionship, sharing wine-and-dinner-and-a-movie route Or something more intense and sensual. We all know that our brain is the biggest sex organ. We also know that hot sex is more about giving than taking. It is so much better just living and sharing life with someone else. I am also disciplined yet quite flexible. I understand human behaviour to an extent, and tho I might not approve or like, I often understand why ppl do the things they do. 'I am human and nothing human is alien to me' You know the quote. I will share face and body images, but only if you ask and are specific. I'd appreciate any face or body shots u could send along , before I dig into my own portfolio. I'm sure we both want reciprocals. I thank you in advance. If you've read this far, you just might be a degree interested, so thanks for listening, and give a hello. Cheers, John (I have lots of fotos)

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